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Zelenskiy cancels plan to address US lawmakers, fate of aid in balance

- Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy canceled plans to appeal directly to U.S. lawmakers for new aid yesterday, as a partisan battle over immigration policy threatened to derail President Joe Biden's request for billions of dollars for Kyiv's fight a


"Let's remember here: It was the Republicans who put border on the table. We did not. They have a responsibility if they believe border should be part of Ukraine, which is so vital to our country, let them propose an amendment that can get 60 votes," Schumer told a weekly press conference.

Senate rules dictate that most legislation requires 60 votes to advance in the 100-member chamber.

The Senate's top Republican, Mitch McConnell, who spoke right after Schumer made his amendment offer, said he would nonetheless urge Senate Republicans to vote against the Democratic-backed legislation.

"We're serious about having some significant changes in how we protect our southern border as a part of the overall package," McConnell said.

"I hope all our members vote no," McConnell said. Members of the House of Representatives and Senate attended classified briefings by top Biden administration officials, which Zelenskiy had been expected to address via videolink. But Schumer said the Ukrainian leader was unable to attend.

DUBAI, (Reuters) - Countries at the COP28 climate conference are considering calling for a formal phaseout of fossil fuels as part of the U.N. summit's final deal to tackle global warming, a draft negotiating text seen yesterday shows.

The proposal is certain to spark heated debate among the nearly 200 countries attending the two-week conference in Dubai, with Western governments pushing for the language to be included, while oil and gas producers are keen to leave it out.

Research published on Tuesday showed global carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels are set to hit a record high this year, fuelling concerns among scientists that efforts to combat climate change are not enough to avert its worst impacts.

The draft of what could be the final agreement from COP28, released by the U.N. climate body on Tuesday, proposed "an orderly and just phase-out of fossil fuels" which if adopted would mark the first global deal to end the oil age. On the COP28 main stage, the CEOs of several major energy firms argued in favour of oil and gas, highlighting their progress in areas such as cutting the greenhouse gas methane.

"We are big guys and we can do big things. We can deliver results and we will have to report them very soon," said Jean Paul Prates, CEO of Brazil's state-run oil company Petrobras. "The energy transition will only be valid if it's a fair transition," he added.

TotalEnergies CEO Patrick Pouyanne said a transition away from oil and gas would take a long time "so we need absolutely to produce oil and gas in a different way by slashing down emissions. And we can do it, we have the technology".

"Of course it has a cost," he said, "but it's part of our licence to operate, I would say, for the future."

At least 2,400 fossil fuel lobbyists registered for this year's summit, an analysis of U.N. registration data published by Kick Big Polluters Out showed.

LIMA, (Reuters) - Peru's constitutional court ordered the "immediate release" of imprisoned former President Alberto Fujimori, according to a court document published yesterday, marking the latest chapter in a dizzying legal saga for the controversial former leader.

Fujimori, 85, is serving a 25-year sentence for human right abuses and corruption during his decade-long rule through the 1990s.

The country's highest court ruled that an appeal to restore a 2017 pardon for the ailing Fujimori on humanitarian grounds was "founded," the document said.

The constitutional court previously issued a ruling in Fujimori's favor in 2022, but the ruling was later suspended amid pressure from the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR).

Furimori's lawyer, Elio Riera, said that Fujimori will probably be released on Wednesday.

"The former president is very calm," Riera said on Tuesday outside prison holding Fujimori. "He is very hopeful that this will be executed quickly."

Fujimori, convicted in 2009 of ordering the massacre of 25 people in 1991 and 1992 while his government was fighting against the Shining Path guerrillas, received a pardon on Christmas Eve in 2017 from former President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski,

A deeply divisive figure in Peru, Fujimori's pardon roiled the country, parts of which see him as a dictator and others as a hero, and sparked outcry from the families of victims of the massacre.

He was ordered back to prison in October 2018. Human rights activists criticized the ruling on Tuesday, which they said defies international organizations that have called for justice for victims of state violence.

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