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Businesswoman robbed of $10m in cash, jewellery at Windsor Castle

-one man in custody

Residents of Lot 22, Windsor Castle, Anna Regina, Region Two, had the fright of their lives when four masked gunmen entered their home and robbed them at around 9 pm on Monday.

The family, consisting of a businesswoman, her sister and her daughter, were at home when the gunmen invaded. Silveena Thakur, the business owner, recalled that they heard a knock at the door, and thought it was a dog. To their shock, four gunmen entered through the backdoor.

“I came outside to check if it was the door when I saw the four men open the door, unscrew the bolt; all of them had guns and threw us down in the middle of the house” Thakur related.

During the robbery, the gunmen took her gold bangles, and rings, inquiring if one of them was her wedding ring. After confirming that one of the rings was indeed her wedding ring, they allowed her to keep it. The assailants then targeted her sister, Daveena Goberdhan, confiscating her gold chain and all the cash from one of their businesses.

The businesswoman estimated the losses at some $10 million, including jewellery.

“We complied and gave them everything; then they left. We were safe, and we called the police, who arrived promptly,” Thakur said.

The gunmen left behind a ransacked house and its traumatised occupants. The matter is being investigated and one man is in custody.

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