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Trinidad Opposition Leader tells Maduro to stay out of Essequibo

Opposition Leader Kamla PersadBissessar has warned Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro that if he interferes with the Guyanese people, he’s interfering with Trinidad and Tobago too.

She did so at Monday night’s UNC Report in Penal, where she declared: “My clear message to Maduro is you touch one, you touch all! We unequivocally support the people of Guyana in this crisis. Stay out of Essequibo!”

Persad-Bissessar added, “The intention of the current crisis between Guyana and Venezuela created by Maduro is to whip up nationalism under the false pretext that the international community is mistreating Venezuela. He wants to make himself a victim defending the motherland and will paint himself as a great hero of Venezuela as (Simon) Bolivar and (Hugo) Chavez.

“His intention seems to be to deploy the army due to the threat of war, then control streets and movements of persons to prevent campaigning and protests.”

She recalled that as Prime Minister in 2015, she stood with Guyana’s then-president David Granger, when Venezuela claimed maritime waters encompassing Guyana’s exclusive economic zone

She said that occurred because of the Venezuelan elections that December.

“I stood up for the people of Guyana in 2015, and the UNC will stand with the people of Guyana now … but Keith Rowley sheepishly hides behind the zone of peace! Rowley’s talk about the region remaining a zone of peace isn’t enough. Guyana must know they have our full support with meaningful and practical backing!”

She added: “If Trinidad and Tobago’s support means we have to wait longer for Dragon Gas, so be it. I tell the Guyanese people stand your ground, you’ve suffered too long, but now you have a great future. Don’t let anyone take it from you…”

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